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Kingdom Hearts 2 - Anti Sora Form by Nick-Ian
Kingdom Hearts 2 - Anti Sora Form
I both love and hate it when Sora transforms into this Form.

Visually, I like it very much - with those menacing eyes and those trails of "darkness" that come off of him. Also his moves are quicker and more devastating.

On the other hand, I hate it 'cause Sora seems to eat more damage and I can't revert back to normal. Anyway, he's a great subject to draw and paint. Originally, Sora's mouth and nose are covered in shadow, but in my version, I wanted those to be visible - to make him look fiercer. 


Character does not belong to me.
Spirited Away - Walking Towards the Train Station by Nick-Ian
Spirited Away - Walking Towards the Train Station
I watched Spirited Away again last Thursday night. For the nth time! Thanks Disney Channel! 

Hayao Miyazaki's movies just never get old. I still freaking love them - to the point of making fanart right after watching one. :XD: Did I ever mention before that the flooded landscape with the train tracks submerged in shallow water is probably my favorite setting in any anime or even movie? It just gives off a very dream-like and calming effect. 

So I wanted to put the setting in the spotlight here, thus I used a kind of bird's eye viewpoint, to show the water, the submerged tracks, pebbles, grass, the fish...


Spirited Away and its characters belong to Hayao Miyazaki.
Psycho-Pass 2 - Kirito Kamui by Nick-Ian
Psycho-Pass 2 - Kirito Kamui
Kirito Kamui - another cool villain that fits Psycho-Pass. And I thought Shogo alone was cool enough...

I've finished the second season the other day. Although there wasn't any news about Shinya's whereabouts, we do instead get to see how Akane has become a badass in her own little way. And of course, there's this guy (or "these guys"), Kirito Kamui. I like the fact that the major antagonists of the anime are the embodiment of the Sybil System's flaws, no matter how much it thinks that is perfect. I mean this guy is just like the Sybil System, a horde of people in one body thinking as one.

So this is my little tribute. Watercolor as usual. With a plane at the background - just a reminder of how he was "born".

The character does not belong to me.
Welcome to the Philippines Pope Francis by Nick-Ian
Welcome to the Philippines Pope Francis
I'm really happy about Pope Francis's visit to my country! His arrival will be tomorrow.

I won't be able to go there in Manila to get a glimpse of him though. Well, even if I was there, I won't risk getting myself squashed amid MILLIONS of people!

I may not be a devout Catholic, but I really like Pope Francis. To a religion that has been in so much need of change, his getting into papacy is such a welcome breath of fresh air. 

And of course, everyone's prepping up before he arrives. Things are taken care of - from security to crowd behavior, to orderliness, to cleanliness...

I just hope they keep this up EVEN AFTER HE LEAVES. :) Just a thought. 

And I hope his visit would give much needed strength to the survivors of typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. I mean, they're the real reason he's here, right? 


I watched him celebrating mass for the people of Tacloban - they were the ones most devastated by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. His homily was THE BEST homily I've ever heard. "Turn to the Holy Mother and trust her, just like a child turning to his mom when things go wrong... Christ will never let you down." 

Simply inspiring. :heart:
Camiguin Island Trip - Sketches by Nick-Ian
Camiguin Island Trip - Sketches
And here are the sketches I made during my Camiguin Island trip. 

You can read more of it in my last journal entry - Holiday Trip

The one in the top middle is the view from the porch where I stayed. And there were ducks there and fish and all sorts of critters. I also love the sea just outside the highway. When it's low tide, you can just go down there and walk around. It's clean and teeming with life - seashells, sea grass, sea cucumbers, urchins and a whole lot of starfish! And to think that was just by the highway. 

The sketches in the middle are the ones I made in White Island - a beautiful sand bar. The cross below is the monument that marks the Sunken Cemetery. I wrote a sort of diary in my sketch book (which was weird). I made it into the background. :XD:
I'm typing this entry right now at a traveler's inn. I'm at Cagayan de Oro as of the moment and will be staying until Tuesday. I'm only here to buy PS3 games at the big malls (there's Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Revolution!)

Before coming here, I returned to Camiguin Island and stayed there for two nights. I've shared to you guys about that place - little piece of land chock full of natural scenery. I even posted paintings of White Island here before. It was the best trip so far since I've stayed longer.

I found a humble little fish pen that was also a restaurant and inn and decided to stay there. You can catch fish they keep there and then have it cooked for you. They offered me a room. It felt shabby and it was small, but it didn't bother me. I love it's character and rustic charm. Best of all, it had an awesome view. There was a small porch outside with a small table and a couple of chairs - ideal for sketching. And you see the pond, you see fish swimming under the room (the place was built over water), mangrove trees to the left, another view of the island to the right, the road in the distance with vehicles zooming by, and beyond that, the ocean. And when it rains... It's dream like. 

I went to a few places, stayed in each for as long as I could. I hired a motorcycle driver and we went to a waterfall (the place has a LOT of waterfalls), a hot spring, a cold spring, a sunken cemetery and my favorite, the White Island sand bar. Wasn't able to really enjoy the sunken cemetery. I don't know how to snorkel. Or swim. :( So I sketched the cross that marked its position.

I always try to sketch the places. I'll post them when I get back home, but they're just rough pencil drawings, nothing fancy. Sketching lets me take in the experience. It's different from just taking a photo with a cam. When you're drawing, you really SEE the place and you try to translate that experience using your own senses - your eyes, your focus, your brain, your hands, your fingers... And then you end up with an output that, even though it doesn't really capture the view, it's more of a product of your senses trying to record the picture - like making memories solid. 

I'm not saying drawings beat photos. I mean the camera does a WAY better job at this. What I'm trying to say is that, try to stop and smell the roses first before pointing a god damn camera at it. :XD:

But the bestest part of this whole thing is that I did it all solo. Solo travel - you don't have to wait on others, you don't have to listen to anyone or gain their approval, you don't have to wait for your turn to use the comfort room, work to gain their acceptance - you don't have to worry about any of that shit.

I hope you guys get the chance to do the same. It clears your mind.

God, I made this long. So sorry. Just have so many things in mind, it's just welling up inside. This is just a release.
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