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Kaneki And Rize by Nick-Ian
Kaneki And Rize
Do you think we should still try and be kind even if the world is cruel?

Yes. And the world isn't THAT cruel. 

Am I being dramatic? Haha! Damn Tokyo Ghoul feels! This here's my version of the "transformation" - a (quick?) watercolor and ballpen drawing of Kaneki and Rize.


Characters do not belong to me.
Fort Del Pilar by Nick-Ian
Fort Del Pilar
Today is the 78th Dia dela Ciudad Zamboanga.

A break from the usual.

It's our city's foundation day and there are activities lined up. I'll look forward to those later. The picture here is the altar at Fort del Pilar. It's a garrison of sorts made by Spaniards long ago, which has been converted into a church which it still is until now. I love the ancient bricks used for its construction.

I drew this on the spot yesterday. Yesterday was the People Power anniversary. We had two days worth of holidays. :D But it's all for the commemoration of our rich history. And my way of doing it is walking around the city sketching stuff. And sharing it here. 
Final Fantasy Type 0 - Six Members Of Class Zero by Nick-Ian
Final Fantasy Type 0 - Six Members Of Class Zero
I originally wanted to draw and paint all of Class Zero, but got lazy.

So I only made six of them - my faves actually. If I'm crazy enough to buy a PS4 (or if I am able to save money for it, which is highly unlikely), I'd buy the PS4 version of this game. :) I really like it 'cause its about wars and how it affects people. I can relate to that. I'm living in a place that I feel is under conflict.

Final Fantasy Type Zero does not belong to me.
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Assorted Art 2 by Nick-Ian
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Assorted Art 2
Happy Valenti... *coughs violently* 

I don't know if it's really a good time to celebrate Heart's Day today when we're still facing some really pressing issues in my country... But well, I guess it's also not a very good time for me to just sit on my ass at home playing Kingdom Hearts 2 all day (I mean all night, got work in the morning). But seriously, I think the only thing ordinary people like me can do is stay hopeful, listen to the news and voice out constructive opinions.

Oh yeah, these here are some more KH 2 watercolor pieces I made in my little doodle book. I gotta say, I hate drawing Keyblades. :faint: 


Characters do not belong to me.
We Mourn by Nick-Ian
We Mourn
My city Zamboanga is in the spotlight again... But because of sad news.

Last Friday, a car bomb detonated near our bus terminal. Two people died, many others hurt. Also, a couple of days ago, 44 or so members of the Special Action Forces were killed in another part of the region. These were the people who fought with us during the September siege. They were our heroes.

These were acts of rebellion and terrorism.

I am just pouring my feelings out unto paper, through pen and paints and brush...

Later, we will have a mass for the ones who perished and we just hope our leaders will take the right decisions. I am just sharing these stories to you. This problem (terrorism) affects us all.

For now, it's business as usual, even though the city is on high alert. 

I will share links about news and videos relating to these incidents. I warn some might be graphic.… - car bomb incident… - actual amateur video of the blast… - news on the dead SAF members
I'm typing this entry right now at a traveler's inn. I'm at Cagayan de Oro as of the moment and will be staying until Tuesday. I'm only here to buy PS3 games at the big malls (there's Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Revolution!)

Before coming here, I returned to Camiguin Island and stayed there for two nights. I've shared to you guys about that place - little piece of land chock full of natural scenery. I even posted paintings of White Island here before. It was the best trip so far since I've stayed longer.

I found a humble little fish pen that was also a restaurant and inn and decided to stay there. You can catch fish they keep there and then have it cooked for you. They offered me a room. It felt shabby and it was small, but it didn't bother me. I love it's character and rustic charm. Best of all, it had an awesome view. There was a small porch outside with a small table and a couple of chairs - ideal for sketching. And you see the pond, you see fish swimming under the room (the place was built over water), mangrove trees to the left, another view of the island to the right, the road in the distance with vehicles zooming by, and beyond that, the ocean. And when it rains... It's dream like. 

I went to a few places, stayed in each for as long as I could. I hired a motorcycle driver and we went to a waterfall (the place has a LOT of waterfalls), a hot spring, a cold spring, a sunken cemetery and my favorite, the White Island sand bar. Wasn't able to really enjoy the sunken cemetery. I don't know how to snorkel. Or swim. :( So I sketched the cross that marked its position.

I always try to sketch the places. I'll post them when I get back home, but they're just rough pencil drawings, nothing fancy. Sketching lets me take in the experience. It's different from just taking a photo with a cam. When you're drawing, you really SEE the place and you try to translate that experience using your own senses - your eyes, your focus, your brain, your hands, your fingers... And then you end up with an output that, even though it doesn't really capture the view, it's more of a product of your senses trying to record the picture - like making memories solid. 

I'm not saying drawings beat photos. I mean the camera does a WAY better job at this. What I'm trying to say is that, try to stop and smell the roses first before pointing a god damn camera at it. :XD:

But the bestest part of this whole thing is that I did it all solo. Solo travel - you don't have to wait on others, you don't have to listen to anyone or gain their approval, you don't have to wait for your turn to use the comfort room, work to gain their acceptance - you don't have to worry about any of that shit.

I hope you guys get the chance to do the same. It clears your mind.

God, I made this long. So sorry. Just have so many things in mind, it's just welling up inside. This is just a release.
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28 Earth Years (man, I'm getting old) Wow... 2 more years and I'm... *gulp* 30. Eeeek!

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