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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - The Secret Bosses by Nick-Ian
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - The Secret Bosses
I'm proud to say, I beat them all. And in Critical Mode too. :party:

Actually, only with Ven and Aqua. Terra is hopeless. He gets hit no matter how many times you use his Dash evasion move. These are from four separate doodle book pages put together in one. This may be my last deviation for a while. :(

All done in ballpen and watercolor.

Kingdom Hearts does not belong to me.
Heneral Luna by Nick-Ian
Heneral Luna

I never knew how badass our heroes are!

It’s thanks to the film I watched yesterday – “Heneral Luna” that I’m able to see Antonio Luna in a different light. He was the fiery commander of the Philippine Revolutionary Army during the time of the American occupation and shamefully I only knew him vaguely during grade school.

I applaud the creators of this movie. I hate to admit it, but I’m not a big fan of local made movies. Most lack real substance. But not this one.

The problems presented in this movie are the same things we’re facing now. We lack unity. We quarrel among ourselves. We let the real issues slip under our noses. We place our own livelihood and survival above our freedom and love for the country. We are plagued by weak leaders.

And Luna, in this movie, is the mad spirit who forces us to see all of these problems. Never has a local film done that. To hit the viewer’s where it hurts most.

So here’s my little tribute to Heneral Luna. Mabuhay ang Sineng Pilipino.

Done using paints on recycled paper.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Heroes by Nick-Ian
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Heroes
My favorite Command Style (Wing Blade), my favorite Shotlock (Ultima Cannon) and my overall favorite character (Aqua).

All compiled in one deviation. :D
And I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm considering buying a PS4 just for that (and FF7 remake). Or not. Or whatever.


All done in watercolor and ball point pen. 
This is fanart. I do not own characters. They belong to Square Enix.
Final Fantasy 13-2 Yeul And The Heroes by Nick-Ian
Final Fantasy 13-2 Yeul And The Heroes
Listening to the songs from Final Fantasy 13-2 brings all the feels! 

I especially love Oerba theme, Noel's theme and Yeul's theme. Yeul is easily one of my fave characters in the game.


Watercolors and ball pen.
Characters do not belong to me.
Your Lie In April by Nick-Ian
Your Lie In April
Two artworks I made of the show. I've seen too many stories involving characters falling in love with a terminally ill person (and it's usually a disease like blood cancer or brain tumors - something that conveniently keeps them pretty/handsome and doesn't disfigure them. It's never bubonic plague or leprosy or explosive diarrhea. Haha!)

Buuut, the animation was beautiful (especially during musical performances) and the songs were nice to listen to.


All done using watercolor and ball pen.

These are fanarts. Shigatsu Wa Kimi nNo Uso and its characters does not belong to me.
Just returned from another summer trip! But it's different this time 'cause I spent it with a group. Travelling with company does have its plus sides (the most important of which is that I can save a lot on lodging). I don't know how I managed to pull off being with other people on that vacation - I guess it was just a lesson of tolerance.

I was with students doing their on the job training in companies at Cebu. Cebu, though industrialized and filled with buildings growing ever higher, is also famous for its natural wonders and pristine beaches, and with the help of a very good friend, he was a Jesuit brother and a true Cebuano, we were able to go on a boat tour around Mactan - an area known for white sand islands and underwater sanctuaries that are perfect for snorkeling and diving.

The best thing about that trip to Mactan is that I finally figured out how to use a damn snorkel! (Thanks bro!) And I've become confident floating on deep water now and I can somehow maneuver along the surface, well, as long as I have a life jacket. I actually don't know how to swim (and I really should learn it!). 

It was my first time seeing a real underwater coral reef scenario. Prior to this, I only saw them in nature shows or in books. There's such a difference seeing the real thing. I don't know how many hours I floated on the surface just staring at the busy spectacle below me. The fish were fearless of humans. They even approach you expecting food. Guess they're so used to getting fed, it was a marine sanctuary after all. And we did feed them. We just put out scraps of bread, and they'd swarm you like the paparazzi. Haha! 

I did do some solo wandering in Cebu too. I visited far flung Oslob for the white sand bar in Sumilon Island and the majestic Tumalog Falls. I should've gone whale shark watching but I didn't know how to snorkel then. It was only during the Mactan trip that I learned it. And that happened the day after my Oslob trip. Isn't that funny? 

So yeah, pretty awesome trip. And as usual, I've posted all the sketches I made and also some paintings in one deviation - here: Cebu May 2015 by Nick-Ian :D 
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